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LIVE from Zoom HQ: Optimize Spaces for Hybrid Work with Workspace Reservation & DTEN ONboard
Our post-pandemic return to the office has challenged us to rethink the traditional workplace- and organizations around the world have responded in different ways. While many of us have already returned to the office or may remain 100% remote, one thing’s for certain: the traditional workplace will never be the same.

The new modern workplace presents a challenge to IT leaders: to reinvent spaces, optimize for flexibility and empower hybrid teams.

Zoom’s new Workspace Reservation system makes it easy for hybrid spaces to be reserved, managed and utilized by hybrid teams. When combined with DTEN’s award-winning all-in-one solutions, booking your next huddle-room or in-office phone booth is just a touch away.

The new DTEN ONboard is your digital hub for inclusive collaboration, purpose-built to maximize the latest enhancements for Zoom Whiteboard. Ideal as a companion whiteboard for any existing Zoom Rooms system or as a standalone collaboration appliance, the ONboard promotes greater participation and collaboration for global hybrid teams.

Join us for a short 45 minute deep-dive into the new Workspace Reservation system and DTEN ONboard with a LIVE tour from Zoom HQ with Mark Barragan, North America Zoom Rooms Manager @ Zoom.


Flexible On-Demand Booking | Users can quickly check in at a DTEN ME Pro or DTEN ONboard and choose their space, whether it be for the full day or just a few hours

Intuitive User Experiences | Users will be prompted with familiar touch-operated menus and navigation, available natively on DTEN solutions for Zoom Rooms

Simplified Space & Resource Management | Easily upload resource maps, manage spaces and gather usage metrics on the fly


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